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We provide cleaning and maintenance services you can trust.

Lagoons and More

We’re more than just a septic tank cleaning company!

Preventative Maintenance

We provide a handy resource for septic tank owners.

Reliable Septic Tank Cleaning in Prince George

If your septic is backed up or your toilet’s not running, not flushing well, or you smell the odour of sewage, call on us! At Extraction Waste Management Ltd., we specialize in creating a cleaner environment for all of our clients. Whether you need grease trap servicing or holding or septic tank cleaning in Prince George, the experts at Extraction Waste Management Ltd. can help. We have a 3000-gallon vac (vacuum) truck that is equipped to handle any dirty job. We have maintenance programs as well as emergency services available.

With our many years of experience, you can count on us to always provide you with courteous and affordable septic tank cleaning in Prince George. We hire experienced professionals to handle all jobs and are dedicated to superior service and quality workmanship. We are honest and reliable, and take pride in our work and provide quality service. We are a very safe operation and respectfully handle property and equipment. Safety is our #1 priority!

We provide service for the following:

Septic tanks

Holding tanks

Outhouse waste removal

Grease traps

And more!

Want to make sure your septic tank is well-maintained? Check out our handy list of Septic Tank Do’s and Don’ts! The best kind of repair is preventative maintenance, so that you don’t need the repairs in the first place.

Contact us today for professional, thorough services you know you can trust. Whether you need lagoon extraction or septic tank maintenance, Extraction Waste Management Ltd. is here to help.

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